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WALU ROLL Automatic slatted covers

WALU ROLL, automation for unparalleled convenience

Covering the pool is very good, but doing it with no effort is better! With WALU ROLL, you only need to remove the retaining device and turn the key of the slatted cover mechanism and your pool will be opened and closed automatically, particularly thanks to the limit switches integrated into the geared motor. A few seconds are all it takes for safety, convenience and pool enjoyment!


To meet the requirements of standard NF P 90-308, the slatted cover must be fitted with an anti-lift device.
The number of anti-lift devices depends on the width of the pool: the catches and straps must be placed on the widths at most 50 cm from the edge, and regularly spaced, each device being no more than 200 cm from the next one.

*Count one extra device for a swimming pool with straight steps. For all other cases, please enquire.


  • High quality appearance
  • Remarkably easy to use
  • Automatic motorised winding and unwinding with integrated limit switches 
  • Low voltage motors
  • Anti-lift devices included


  • For existing, newly built or renovated pools
  • For rectangular or freeform pools up to 19 x 8 m 
  • Replaces all other safety systems
  • Replaces bubble covers and winter covers