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WALU LOCK Automatic safety covers

WALU LOCK: Automatically wind and unwind your cover at the turn of a key.

It takes just a minute or two to wind or unwind WALU LOCK automatically using its hydraulic motor, with no limit switch settings and no need for electricity close to the pool.

Decisive advantages

  • Totally sealed all around perimeter
  • Key operated, 100% automatic, 100% comfortable
  • Fast opening and closing
  • Winding and unwinding with a hydraulic motor with no limit switch settings
  • Motor embedded in a dry pit (UNDER) or above-ground (TOP)
  • 4 types of tracks adaptable to all pools


  • For existing, newly built or renovated pools 
  • For rectangular pools or special shapes with maximum dimensions 15 x 7 m
  • Replacement of any other safety system
  • Also serves as a winter cover and summer bubble cover