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WALU DECK Mobile safety decks


In-ground pools
≤ 12 x 5 m


The aluminium frame is made up of several modules, running on rollers with stainless steel needle bearings.
Stands up to 150 kg/m².

You have the choice between 4 modules widths of different lengths (3 to 8m long, 0.25 m by 0.25 m).

Aluminium rails anodized positioned lengthwise or widthwise of the pool. The robust aluminium tracks must be fixed on a solid and flat surface.

The mobile deck is delivered without decking. To be in accordance with the rest of the deck, it can be dressed with the same wood or the composite. The deck will still be in accordance with the standard NF P 90-308 if the decking chosen by the client complies with the norm’s requirements.

- Module < 8 m² : 20 kg/m²
- Module > 8 m² : 16 kg/m²

Motorisation (option)
Motor 24 volts, with integrated logic of command and an end electromechanical running.
Including a wireless remote control, a deported electric box and a rack with reinforcement steel.

• For existing, renovated or newly built pools
• Replaces any other saftey system


   • 4 seasons cover, 100% childproof and

   • Prevents evaporation and avoids heat losses

   • Slows down the development of algae

   • The PVC membrane under the decking keeps
      the pool clean

   • Easy installation without electrical connexion

   • Fast and easy to handle

Manual locking mechanism
Brake with rubber pad and guide wheel
Protective membrane limits evaporation
Aluminium track for fixing to the ground