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WALU DECK Mobile safety decks

WALU DECK offers the best of all protections for swimming pools.

Both a shelter and a safety cover, suitable for use all year around, WALU DECK offers the best of protection whilst optimising the space available. The pool can be used as a play area, a place to relax or an outdoor dining area.

In-ground pools
≤ 12 x 5 m

Decisive advantages

  • The locking system is totally safe for your children and pets
  • Prevents evaporation and avoids heat loss
  • Easy installation with no electrical connections
  • Quick, effortless operation


  • For existing, newly built or renovated pools
  • For rectangular pools or special shapes with maximum dimensions 12 x 5 m
  • Replacement of any other safety system 
  • Also serves as a winter cover and summer bubble cover

Technical specifications

Aluminium frame made up of modules 1.50 m wide, running on rollers with stainless needle bearings.Bearing capacity up to 150 kg/m2.

The WALU DECK modules (1.50 m wide) are moved manually on tracks.

Aluminium tracks are installed along the length of the pool. These tracks must be fixed onto a solid, non-mobile surface (concrete strip or poolside).

Available in 4 finishes : Exotic timber, Thermo ash timber and Timberteck.
WALU DECK can also be supplied without decking. In this case; the deck will not meet standard NF P 90-308.

Table of sizes

The mobile deck in 4 key points

Manual locking mechanism
Brake with rubber pad and guide wheel
Protective membrane limits evaporation
Aluminium track for fixing to the ground


Siberian Larch