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Our production facility

On our site in Brumath (67), we have a modern, integrated production facility that enables us to respond rapidly and reliably to all your requests.

Bureau d'études : R&D, conception, réalisation des plans

We have our own integrated design office which enables us to develop new products and adapt our range of pool covers to customers' specifications. Our engineers and designers are equipped with the latest generation of CAD stations to work on your projects.

Choix du type et de la couleur de la toile PVC

Our manufacturing shops have efficient, modern equipment (HF welding, automated fabric panel manufacturing, equipment for machining aluminium section, assembly and packing tables) enabling us to process your orders quickly and flexibly.

Automate de fabrication Walu Pool
Station d'emballage de la couverture
Cerclage et préparation à l'expédition
Stockage des couvertures pour enlèvement spécial

Order tracking and logistics:
Thanks to an entirely computerised production control system and barcode identification of each component, we can manage your orders in real time and optimise production times. The partnerships we have set up with our transport providers mean we can guarantee the traceability of your orders right through to final delivery.