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Our partners in sustainable development

Choosing Walter, also means supporting an environmentally-friendly approach and a logic of sustainable development. In fact, the two main components of our swimming pool covers, the aluminium and the PVC membranes, are both entirely recyclable, which enables us to meet sustainable development requirements.

The Ferrari Texyloop® PVC membrane and composite textile recycling process.
Texyloop® allows the recycling of polyester/PVC coated tarpaulins and textiles in different forms: production offcuts, returned end-of-life membranes (even printed membranes), etc...

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Idée Alsace is a regional initiative supported by the Alsace regional authority to promote excellence in Alsatian companies which commit to sustainable development.
Its aim is to bring the companies together to form a network, to support them in their permanent improvement initiatives and to highlight their efforts through collective branding.
After a first initiative to introduce waste sorting and recycling in 2009, we then carried out an assessment of our Brumath site's carbon footprint at the beginning of 2011, which led to us deciding on a certain number of improvements, with a view to reducing our overall greenhouse gas emissions.

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