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Losberger group

Leader in the mobile construction field, German group Losberger offers complete solutions ranging from a wide range of events structures for parties, temporary events or exhibitions, through to storage or industrial buildings, and including sports halls, tents for military or civil protection purposes, as well as a complete range of swimming pool covers.

Révolution - SOFEX Strasbourg
Garden Cottage - Sénégal
Prostock - Aéroport de Paris Roissy
Vue aérienne du site de Brumath (France)
Production site in Brumath
Vue aérienne du site de Fürfeld (Allemagne)
Production site in Fürfeld

The Losberger group, which has its head office in Fürfeld (Germany), employs over 650 people around the world, divided between 3 production sites (Fürfeld in Germany, Brumath in France and Shanghai in China) and  sales subsidiaries in Great Britain, the United States, Italy and Hungary.

Losberger Group website: www.losbergergroup.com

Losberger RDS website: www.losberger-rds.com

Losberger France website: www.losberger.fr

Losberger Germany website: www.losberger.com

Losberger England website: www.losberger.co.uk